Business simplified.

About the Company

Our motto is “business simplified”. We want to simplify the entire business process as well as the methods and procedures of doing business, such as, but not limited to: setting up a business, running its day to day operations, close monitoring and feedback of employees and business systems. We want to lessen the burden of business owners and prospective entrepreneurs who want to go into business but are intimidated by the numerous requirements and complicated procedures in doing business.
We can recommend documented policies and procedures as well as provide assistance in the implementation of our recommended processes and methods. We can assist in compliance requirements with various government agencies. We utilize a personal approach to our clients, we are hands on and we closely supervise our clients and their staff in order to ensure the best possible outcome that will be beneficial to the client.



We can help evaluate existing business processes, or establish one for start ups by providing step by step guidance and assistance.


We can identify existing business problems or potential source of problems and offer solutions based on sound and best business practices as well as our experiences with our clients who are engaged in diverse business industries.


We can offer training and provide basic working knowledge suited to the business enterprise or formulate customized service based on the needs of the Company

Company’s Services
Registration and Submission
of Reportorial Requirements
to Government Agencies
Inventory, Point of Sales
(POS), Purchasing,
Business Operations
Payroll System, Assistance
in Human Resource (HR)
Remittances of Payments
to Government
Supervision, Monitoring,
Feedback and Troubleshooting
of Business Methods and Processes

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Units 210 and 212 Buma Building,
1012 Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City
Tel: (+632) 8222288